Scott Valentine | About
Hi there!
My name is Scott Valentine, and I'm a digital artist and author. I've been playing with bits and pixels for more than 15 years. In the last few years, I've also kept busy writing articles, tutorials, and books on Photoshop and even became an Adobe Community Professional.

What books?
The Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers (2013, Adobe Press)
The Hidden Power of Blend Modes (2012, Adobe Press)

At heart, I'm an experimentalist and troubleshooter. This comes through in my writing, as my core philosophy is to develop fundamental skills and understanding so readers come away with a toolbox to use in building their own solutions. You see, my background includes physics, music, and dance. You'd be surprised just how related these fields are.

What can I do for you?
Well, I have a range of skills to provide. Mostly, I focus on education - live, web delivered, and written. I can help you develop a curriculum, structure a book for your product, or manage your content project. Oh, and of course there is photography, digital compositing, and even some 3D work. Got a Photoshop question? I'm your guy.

I'm also happy to test and review your photography and digital imaging related products, including hardware and software. Send me an email and let's talk!